Changes in GFP-GR recovery at the array are coupled to transcriptiona

Condition studiedState 1State 2% Change in transcription (state 2 − state 1)/state 1Change in FRAP (state 2 vs. state 1)
Array stateDecondensedCondensed−70Faster (Fig. 9b)
Agonists and antagonistsDexamethasoneRU486−90Faster (Fig. 9c)
DexamethasoneCorticosterone−50Faster (Fig. 9d)
Chaperone perturbationDexamethasoneGeldanamycin + dexamethasone−70Faster (Fig. 5a)
DexamethasoneRadicicol + dexamethasone−95Faster (Fig. 5c)
CorticosteroneGeldanamycin + corticosterone−70Faster (Fig. 5e)
Proteasome perturbationDexamethasoneMG-132 + dexamethasone+210Slower (Fig. 7d)
CorticosteroneMG-132 + corticosterone−90Slower (Fig. 7e)
  • a The level of transcription was determined by measuring the relative RNA FISH signal intensities in the nuclei of 35 to 100 individual cells.