Plasmids used for the construction of hsf1 mutant strains

pSK906Wild-type HSF1 on pRS316 (YCp-URA3)a
pK136hsf1AR1/ba1 on pRS316
pK137hsf1AR1/ba1 on pRS314 (YCp-TRP1)
pK144hsf1-Hs [hsf1AR1/N583/hHSF1(316-529)] on pRS315 (YCp-LEU2)
pK152hsf1-Sp [hsf1AR1/N583/SpHsf(269-609)] on pRS315
pK154hsf1-SpCTM [hsf1AR1/N583/SpHsf(269-594)] on pRS315
pK157Wild-type HSF1 on pRS314
pK158hsf1AR1 on pRS314
pK159hsf1-ba1 on pRS314
pK176hsf1-Hs+CTM [hsf1-Hs+CTM(784-833)] on pRS315
pIS4E830K mutation in hsf1AR1/ba1 (pK137)
pIS1, -2, -11K491R mutation in hsf1AR1/ba1 (pK137)
pIS3Y537C mutation in hsf1AR1/ba1 (pK137)
pIS9Q535R and K833E mutations in hsf1AR1/ba1 (pK137)
pIS12Q535R and N636S mutations in hsf1AR1/ba1 (pK137)
pIS15Q535R mutation in hsf1AR1/ba1 (pK137)
pN39K491R mutation in hsf1-ba1 (pK159)
pN40Y537C mutation in hsf1-ba1 (pK159)
pN41Q535R mutation in hsf1-ba1 (pK159)
pN42K491R mutation in hsf1CTM (pN53)
pN43Y537C mutation in hsf1CTM (pN53)
pN44Q535R mutation in hsf1CTM (pN53)
pN53hsf1CTM on pRS314
pN57K491R mutation in HSF1 (pK157)
pN58Y537C mutation in HSF1 (pK157)
pN59Q535R mutation in HSF1 (pK157)
pN61hsf1CE2/ba1 on pRS314
pN64hsf1CE2 on pRS314
  • a For details, see reference 39.