Putative Set2 homologs identified by PSI-BLAST searching with the SRI domain

SpeciesGene name aGI accessionSequence position of putative SRI domain% Identity/similarity to SRI domainb
S. cerevisiae Set2 6322293 619-718NA
Candida albicans Ca019.9324 46435920 723-82035/55
Homo sapiens HYPB 30410779 1956-205623/37
Mus musculus XP_135176 38090181 2393-249323/37
D. melanogaster CG1716 24641786 2262-235621/39
Neurospora crassa XP_322355 32403484 569-65319/37
S. pombe SPAC29B12 2408044 703-77817/42
  • a All proteins identified contain a domain architecture similar to yeast Set2, including the AWS, SET, postSET and, in some cases, WW domains. It is notable that the putative SRI domains, as with Set2, are found in the C termini of these proteins.

  • b Identity refers to the percentage of identical amino acids present between the yeast Set2 SRI domain and the putative SRI domain of the indicated homolog, while similarity indicates amino acid replacements that exhibit similar charge or hydrophobicity.