Genes consistently upmodulated in the four Pol III transcription mutantsa

Gene Ratio Gcn4 regulatedb
Systematic nameCommon namerpc160-112tfc7-ΔN1tfc3-G349Ebrf1-II.6
YBR218C PYC2 2.542.463.071.68
YCL009C ILV6 2.141.613.332.87
YCL030C HIS4 6.063.9413.362.02*
YDR158W HOM2 4.602.446.672.10*
YER053C PIC2 1.792.492.212.86
YER069W ARG5,6*
YER175C TMT1 4.434.4912.032.89*
YHR018C ARG4 2.622.142.052.64*
YHR208W BAT1 6.772.102.151.76*
YIL116W HIS5 4.142.899.994.73*
YJL088W ARG3 6.365.364.464.69*
YJR109C CPA2 4.822.5910.953.29*
YKL218C SRY1 3.512.006.491.91*
YMR062C ECM40 4.972.043.742.08*
YMR094W CTF13 2.071.535.833.44*
YMR095C SNO1 5.092.2812.4915.59*
YMR096W SNZ1 14.335.8631.164.90*
YMR097C MTG1 4.462.126.412.13*
YMR108W ILV2 3.652.073.721.69
YMR189W GCV2 3.521.554.002.28
YNL104C LEU4 4.532.683.942.02*
YOL058W ARG1 8.283.397.874.60*
YOL140W ARG8 8.545.3618.121.77*
  • a The table lists the genes whose expression is increased more than 2-fold in at least three of the four mutants and more than 1.5-fold in the fourth mutant.

  • b An asterisk indicates that the gene was found to be at least twofold upregulated in the YNN282 background strain under conditions of constitutive GCN4 derepression.