Summary of genetic interactions observed with the nse6Δ mutanta

Strain genotypeGrowth typeUV sensitivity
nse6 nse5EpistaticEpistatic
nse6 brc1ViableND
nse6 rhp51ViableRescued
nse6 swi5ViableSlight rescue
nse6 rhp55SickSlight rescue
nse6 swi5 rhp55SickSlight rescue
nse6 chk1SickND
nse6 rad3Very sick/lethalND
nse6 nse2-1LethalND
nse6 nse3-1LethalND
nse6 mus81LethalND
nse6 rqh1LethalND
nse6 rad60-3LethalND
nse6 uve1ViableAdditive
nse6 rad13ViableAdditive
nse6 uve1 rad13ViableStrongly additive
nse6 rhp18ViableAdditive
  • a The indicated strains were generated by standard fission yeast genetic techniques, including tetrad analysis and random spore analysis. The strains were then scored for growth phenotypes and UV sensitivity as described in the text and summarized in the table.