S. pombe anaerobically repressed genes

Functional category and genedS. cerevisiae orthologaDescriptionbFold changec
WT −/+ O2WT/sre1Δ
Mitochondrial electron transport and ATP synthesis
    cyc1+CYC1, CYC7Cytochrome c0.341.14
    SPAC3A11.07NDE1, NDE2, NDI1NADH dehydrogenase0.360.64
    qcr8+QCR8Ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase complex subunit 70.391.00
    SPAC22F3.07cATP20ATP synthase subunit G0.400.89
    atp16+ATP16F1 ATPase delta subunit0.410.86
    atp14+ATP14F1 ATPase subunit H0.431.02
    atp5+ATP5Fo ATPase delta subunit0.431.08
    cox6+COX6Cytochrome c oxidase subunit VI0.490.91
    qcr10+QCR10Ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase complex subunit 110.501.16
Protein folding and modification
    SPAC4H3.01CAJ1, DJP1Protein containing DNAJ domain0.430.92
    SPAC11D3.02cAcetyltransferase, ELLA family protein0.461.16
    sod2+NHA1CPA1 sodium ion/proton antiporter0.301.01
    grx5+GRX3, GRX4Glutaredoxin0.400.98
    sod1+SOD1Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase0.420.97
    SPCC4G3.17YBR242W, YGL101WMetal-dependent phosphohydrolase0.450.71
    SPAC1F12.10cYMR073CHeme binding protein0.451.19
    ebp2+EBP2Member of the rRNA-processing EBP2 family0.460.95
    SPBC713.11cSNA1, SNA3, SNA4, PMP3Protein in UPF0057 family0.410.85
    SPAC6C3.02cYMR002WProtein containing CHCH domain0.491.19
    SPBC1271.08cSequence orphan0.501.10
  • a Predicted Saccharomyces cerevisiae ortholog (37).

  • b Descriptions were obtained from the S. pombe GeneDB ( with some additional hand editing.

  • c Data are presented as the average changes in expression of genes in WT samples without O2 (WT − O2) compared to their expression in WT + O2 or sre1Δ − O2 samples.

  • d Statistically significant Sre1p-dependent genes are in boldface type (see Materials and Methods). Genes whose anaerobic induction was confirmed by Northern analysis are underlined.