Chlamydomonas strains useda

StrainRelevant genotypePhenotypeReference
6145c mt Nit+ CRA 11
21gr Nit5 mt + Nit+ CRA 11
305CW15 Nia1 cw15 mt + Nit CW CRA 11
N1305cw15::pMN24 (Nia1) Nrg1 mt + Nit+ CSA 37
N10305cw15::pMN24 (Nia1) Nrg3 mt + Nit+ CSAThis work
N24305cw15::pMN24 (Nia1) Nrg4 mt + Nit+ CSAThis work
305 Nia1 mft Nit 11
Tx-7 Nia1::pMN24 (Nia1) mt Nit+ CRA 18
PAD305-2305cw15::pAD35 (Nia1) mt + Nit+ CW 40
A54 ac17 sr-1 cw mt + Nit+ 38
E18 ac17 sr-1 cwNia1) mt + Nit 38
P3ΔNia1 Nit 30
P3-NR-2P3::pMN24 (Nia1)Nit+ CRA 30
P3-NR-4P3::pMN24 (Nia1)Nit+ CRA 30
  • a Abbreviations: Nit+/Nit: ability to grow with nitrate; mt: sexual competence; cw15, absence of cell wall (phenotype cw); Nrg, CSA phenotype (sensitivity to chlorate in the presence of ammonium); CRA, resistance to chlorate in the presence of ammonium; ac-17, acetate requirement.