Kar4-dependent and -independent genes induced ≥2.5-fold based on microarray data

Gene typeNo. of genesGenes
Kar4-dependent genes29KAR3, CIK1, PRM2, IME4, SPC25, YOR129C, YNL105W, YPL033C, YJL218W, ECM23, JJJ2, YNL033W, CDA2, ISC1, FUI1, MMP1, PCL2/CLN4, RPO31, MHT1, HXT9, CLN3, YGL204C, PGM1, YDR340W, SCW11, CUP9, RCL1, HOS2, YOR225W
Kar4-independent genes34PRM6, FUS2, YDR124W, PRM1, ASG7, YOR343C, FIG1, YIL080W, FIG2, FUS1, KAR5, RRN11, PRM5, SST2, HYM1, DIG2, FAR1, YJL169W, SUT1, HMI1, YNL324W, BOS1, BOP3, YML048W-A, ORT1, ECM13, AGA1, MFA1, GPA1, KTR2, PRP39, YMR304C-A, AGA2, STE2