Numbers of germ nuclei in mes-3 his-24 double mutantsa

StrainNo. of germ nuclei per gonad (mean ± SD)b
N21,140 ± 120
mes-3(bn21)ts38 ± 10
mes-3(bn21)ts; his-24(ok1024)12 ± 20
mes-3(bn35)172 ± 80
mes-3(bn35); his-24(ok1024)81 ± 34
  • a mes-3(bn21) animals were raised at 25°C. mes-3(bn35) mutant hermaphrodites were derived from homozygous mutant mothers and raised at 20°C.

  • b Values were determined from counting DAPI-stained germ nuclei in both gonad arms of at least 20 hermaphrodites.