HIS-24 mislocalization in a mes-3(bn21)ts temperature shift experiment

Developmental stage% of animals with mislocalization (no. with mislocalization/total) after shift froma:
16°C to 25°C25°C to 16°C
L383 (25/30)10 (3/40)
Young L460 (12/20)40 (8/20)
L410 (2/20)90 (18/20)
Young hermaphrodite0 (0/10)100 (20/20)
Older hermaphrodite0 (0/10)100 (20/20)
  • a The temperature shift experiment was done as indicated in Materials and Methods. Numbers represent the percentage of animals that had a mislocalization of HIS-24 to the germ nuclei 16 h after the shift.