Synthetic lethality between mutations affecting 14-3-3 and NuA4 HAT subunits

Mutations and segregant genotype (no. of tetrads)No. of segregants found/no. expected
bmh1-221 bmh2Δ × esa1-1851 bmh2Δ (25)
    bmh2Δ bmh1-22123/25
    bmh2Δ esa1-185124/25
    bmh2Δ esa1-1851 bmh1-2210/25
bmh1-266 bmh2Δ × esa1-1851 bmh2Δ (23)
    bmh2Δ bmh1-26621/23
    bmh2Δ esa1-185121/23
    bmh2Δ esa1-1851 bmh1-2660/23
bmh1-280 bmh2Δ × esa1-1851 bmh2Δ (35)
    bmh2Δ bmh1-28036/35
    bmh2Δ esa1-185136/35
    bmh2Δ esa1-1851 bmh1-2800/35
bmh1-221 bmh2Δ × yng2Δ bmh2Δ (14)
    bmh2Δ bmh1-22115/14
    bmh2Δ yng2Δ13/14
    bmh2Δ yng2Δ bmh1-2210/14
bmh1-266 bmh2Δ × yng2Δ bmh2Δ (21)
    bmh2Δ bmh1-26621/21
    bmh2Δ yng2Δ21/21
    bmh2Δ yng2Δ bmh1-2660/21
bmh1-280 bmh2Δ × yng2Δ bmh2Δ (45)
    bmh2Δ bmh1-28039/45
    bmh2Δ yng2Δ42/45
    bmh2Δ yng2Δ bmh1-2800/45