Table 1.

Transfection of immortal human cell lines

Cell lineComplementation groupDNA transfectedaNo. of clones that lost proliferation/ total no. of clonesRange of PD achieved prior to loss of proliferation
Other DNAs0/15
GM639AMORF 40/10
Other DNAs0/6
HeLaBMORF 429/4418–35
Frameshift mutant2/1227–30
Other DNAs8/7319–28
T98GBMORF 425/3319–33
Frameshift mutant0/10
Other DNAs3/3426–33
Other DNAs0/22
143BTK CMORF 40/7
Other DNAs0/9
A1698DMORF 40/10
Other DNAs0/10
SUSM1DMORF 41/1019
Other DNAs0/16
  • a The control DNAs (other DNAs) included empty vectors pCMVexSVneo, pCDNA, cDNA 386h22, cDNAs, and genomic equivalents of I.M.A.G.E. clone identification no. 231653 and 195885 and XON1 and MRG 1. MORF 4 transfections include transfer of bothNheI and HindIII fragments.