Table 2.

The Ssy1 protein is required for transcriptional induction of the AGP1 gene in response to multiple amino acidsa

Line no.Nitrogen sourcesAGP1-lacZ β-galactosidase activity (nmol · min−1 · mg of protein−1)
Wild typessy1Δ
2Urea + Leu713≤2
3Urea + IIe1,069≤2
4Urea + Phe943≤2
5Urea + Tyr903≤2
6Urea + Trp1,246≤2
7Urea + Thr871≤2
8Urea + Met825≤2
9Urea + Val421≤2
10Urea + citrulline294≤2
11Urea + Cys241≤2
12Urea + Ala198≤2
13Urea + Ser177≤2
14Urea + Lys84≤2
15Urea + His75≤2
16Urea + Glt54≤2
17Urea + Gln49≤2
18Urea + Gly46≤2
19Urea + Asp33≤2
20Urea + Asn27≤2
21Urea + GABA7≤2
22Urea + Arg5≤2
23Urea + ornithine4≤2
24Urea + Pro≤2≤2
25Urea + allantoin≤2≤2
26Urea + adenine≤2≤2
27Urea + cytosine≤2≤2
28Urea + allantoate≤2≤2
  • a Strains 23344c (ura3) and 30501c (ssy1Δ ura3) transformed with the CEN-based YCpAGP1-lacZ plasmid were grown on a minimal medium with the indicated compounds as the sole nitrogen source(s), each added at 5 mM final concentration. The reported β-galactosidase activities are means of two to three independent experiments. Variations were less than 20%.