Regulation of genes affecting the Wnt signaling pathway by Wnt3a and/or FGF1a

Gene symbolAccession no.Fold induction seen for treatment with:Description
Wnt3aWnt3a + FGF1FGF1
Fzd1 BB259670 homolog 1
Fzd2 BB371406 1.660.250.23Frizzled homolog 2
Fzd7 NM_008057 1.340.280.30Frizzled homolog 7
Fzd8 AV3451661.010.300.25Frizzled homolog 8
Sfrp NM_009144 0.930.180.16Secreted frizzled-related sequence protein 2
Dkk1 NM_010051 2.590.851.15Dickkopf homolog 1
Dkk3 AK004853 0.730.130.15Dickkopf homolog 3
Tcf3 NM_009332 0.540.240.26Transcription factor 3
Mitf NM_008601 transcription factor
Sox2 U31967 0.959.289.88Sox2
  • a The genes shown affect the Wnt signaling pathway and were regulated to various degrees by Wnt or FGF treatment. Change values listed are from the 6-h point of the microarray assay. Other such genes (e.g., the Axin2, Tcf1, and Tcf4 genes) are included in Table 1. The Dkk1 gene is excluded from Table 1 because its expression level was below the cutoff used for Wnt target genes.