Table 1.

Rescue of heteroallelic mor combinations with P{mor+11.8}a

P{mor+11.8}/+;mor 1/mor 6 +b ++
P{mor+11.8}/+;mor 2/mor 6 +b ++
P{mor+11.8}/+;mor 5/mor 6 +b ++
P{mor+11.8}/+;mor 1/mor 2 +c NDg +
P{mor+11.8}/+;mor 6/Df(3R)mor 7 +c ++e
P{mor+11.8}/+;mor 6/mor 9 +b ++e
P{mor+11.8}/+;mor 6/mor 10 +b ++
P{mor+11.8}/+;mor 9/mor 10 ±d ±A6, wingf
P{mor+11.8}/+;mor 9/Df(3R)mor 7 +c ±A6, wingf
  • a +, characteristic rescued; ±, characteristic partially reserved. Several crosses were performed for each combination.

  • b No statistically significant deviation in the observed versus expected frequency (χ2 test).

  • c Statistical analysis was not performed.

  • d Statistically significant reduction in the observed versus expected frequency (χ2 test).

  • e Occasional male with one A6 sternite bristle.

  • f A6, one to six small bristles observed in the sixth sternite of males; wing, wings were slightly smaller than those of the wild type.

  • g ND, not determined.