Loss of Gata4 function in the AHF results in embryonic lethality by E13.5a

Mouse genotypeNo. of offspring at:
E10.5 (0.83, 0.841)E11.5 (0.16, 0.980)E12.5 (4.44, 0.216)E13.5 (11.10, 0.011)P0 (44.47, <0.0001)
CreTg/0; Gata4flox/+3411222147
CreTg/0; Gata4flox/flox2912194*0**
  • a Gata4flox/+; Mef2c-AHF-CreTg/0 mice were crossed to Gata4flox/flox mice, and the offspring were collected at the indicated developmental stages. Offspring of each genotype from E10.5 to E12.5 were present at normal Mendelian frequencies. By E13.5, most of the conditional knockout embryos (*) lacked a heartbeat. No Gata4 AHF knockouts were present at birth (P0; **). The χ2 and P values are in parentheses (χ2, P) after the developmental stage.