Inactivation of Maf1 does not affect [rho] inductiona

Strain% ± SD of [rho] formation
wt (T8-1D)5.25 ± 2.15
maf1-14.35 ± 0.95
wt (YPH500)6.50 ± 2.90
maf15.75 ± 2.33
  • a Over 100 single colonies were crossed with a [rho0] strain, and diploids were selected and tested for respiratory competence. The experiment was done in triplicate. The control wild-type (wt) strain for maf1-Δ is YPH500, whereas the control for maf1-1 is T8-1D. Values for [rho] formation are shown as percentages ± standard deviations (SD).