Yeast strains used in the present study

StrainGenotypeMethod of generationSource or reference
W303-1AMATa ura3-1 ade2-1 trp1-1 his3-11,15 leu2-3,11243
BY4742MATα his3Δ1 leu2Δ0 lys2Δ0 ura3Δ05
BY4743MATa/MATα his3Δ1/his3Δ1 leu2Δ0/leu2Δ0 met15Δ0/MET15 LYS2/lys2Δ0 ura3Δ0/ura3Δ05
Gal-ISA1W303-1A pISA1::GAL1-10-HIS3PCR fragment (pFA6a-HIS3-Gal)45
Gal-ISA2W303-1A pISA2::GAL1-10-LEU2Gene replacement (pYEP51-Gal-ISA2)48
Gal-IBA57W303-1A pIBA57::GALL-natNT2PCR fragment (pYM-N27)28; this study
Gal-IBA57-MycW303-1A pIBA57::GALL-natNT2 IBA57-9Myc-HIS3PCR fragment (pYM19)28; this study
Gal-ISU1 Δisu2W303-1A pISU1::GAL1-10-HIS3 isu2::LEU2PCR fragment (pFA6a-HIS3-Gal, pUG73)23, 26
Gal-GRX5W303-1A pGRX5::GAL1-10-HIS3PCR fragment (pFA6a-HIS3-Gal)44
aco1ΔW303-1A aco1::HIS3PCR Fragment (pFA6a-HIS3MX6)A. Hausmann, B. Samans, R. Lill, and U. Muhlenhoff, unpublished data
bio2ΔW303-1A bio2-F318EMS mutagenesis45
cyt2ΔW303-1A cyt2::LEU2Gene replacement58
isa1ΔW303-1A isa1::KanMX4PCR fragment (pFA6a-KanMX4)31
isa1/2ΔW303-1A isa1::KanMX4 isa2::HIS3PCR fragments (pFA6a-HIS3MX6; pFA6a-KanMX4)48
W303 iba57ΔW303-1A yjr122w::KanMX4PCR fragment from BY4743, yjr122w::KanMX4This study
S288C iba57ΔS288c yjr122w::KanMX4PCR fragment from BY4743, yjr122w::KanMX4This study
BY4742 iba57ΔBY4742 yjr122w::KanMX461
lip5ΔBY4742 lip5::KanMX461
yfh1ΔW303-1A yfh1::KanMX4PCR fragment (pFA6a-KanMX4)19
[rho°] testerY341 (MATa ade5)Ethidium bromide treatmentThis study
ser1ΔBY4742 ser1::KanMX461
iba57Δ/ser1ΔMATa ura3 his3 leu2 yjr122W::KanMX4Meiotic progeny of ser1Δ × W303-1A iba57ΔThis study
isa1Δ/ser1ΔMATα ura3 his3 leu2 isa1::KanMX4Meiotic progeny of ser1Δ × W303-1A isa1ΔThis study
aco1Δ/ser1ΔMATα ura3 ade2-1 his3 leu2 aco1::HIS3Meiotic progeny of ser1Δ × W303-1A aco1ΔThis study
gcv1/ser1MATa leu2-3,13 met2 ser1 gcv156