Table 2.

Sporulation of the ATG mutantsa

ConstructNo. of:% Sporulationn
Single cellsDyadsTriadsTetrads
KAR4 57139325218694
  • a A kar4Δ/kar4Δ diploid (MS3216 × MY4239) harbored the vector control (pRS416), theKAR4 wild-type construct (pMR2654), the ATG1→AAG mutant construct (pMR3357), or the ATG2→AAG mutant construct (pMR3359). All strains were sporulated on plates for 5 days. The single-cell category included all cells with one nucleus as well as monad sporulation products. The dyad category refers to asci with two spores, the triad category refers to those with three spores, and the tetrad category refers to those with four spores. For each construct, % sporulation was calculated as the sum of the dyad, triad, and tetrad categories divided by the sample size (n) multiplied by 100.