Table 1.

Yeast strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotypea or descriptionSource
SK-1 derivatives
 AMP268 MATα his4-G A. Mitchell
 AMP464 MAT a his4-N A. Mitchell
 LSY675Diploid of AMP268 × AMP464This study
 LSY674 MAT a his4-N mre11::LEU2 This study
 LSY649 MATα his4-G mre11::LEU2 This study
 LSY660Diploid of LSY674 × LSY649This study
W303 derivatives
 W303-1A MAT a R. Rothstein
 W303-1B MATα R. Rothstein
 W303Diploid of W303-1A × W303-1BThis study
 YBL2 MATα rad27::TRP1 59
 YAR70 MATα spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG A. Rattray
 HKY677-11C MAT a mei4::ADE2 H. Klein
 MAY1-21A MATα leu2-K::ADE2-URA3::leu2-R rad50S::URA3 H. Klein
 MAY1-21D MAT a leu2-K rad50S::URA3 H. Klein
 R877 MATα hdf1::LEU2 R. Rothstein
 LSY525-1C MAT a mei4::ADE2 spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG This study
 LSY525-3A MATα mei4::ADE2 spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG This study
 LSY568 MAT a mre11::LEU2 This study
 LSY569 MATα mre11::LEU2 This study
 LSY730Diploid of LSY568 × LSY569This study
 LSY716 MAT a mre11-H125N::URA3::mre11-D56N This study
 LSY716A MAT a mre11-H125N This study
 LSY726 MATα mre11-H125N::URA3::mre11-D56N This study
 LSY726A MATα mre11-H125N This study
 LSY729Diploid of LSY716 × LSY726This study
 LSY731 MAT a mei4::ADE2 This study
MATα mei4::ADE2
 LSY732 MAT a spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG This study
MATα spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG
 LSY733 MAT a mre11::LEU2 spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG This study
MATα mre11::LEU2 spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG
 LSY734 MAT a mre11-H125N spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG This study
MATα mre11-H125N spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG
 LSY735 MAT a mre11-H125N spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG mei4::ADE2 This study
MATα mre11-H125N spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG mei4::ADE2
 LSY738 MAT a spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG mei4::ADE2 This study
MATα spo13::hisG-URA3-hisG mei4::ADE2
 LSY741 MAT a rad50S::URA3 leu2-K This study
MATα rad50S::URA3 leu2-K::ADE2-URA3::leu2-R
 LSY736 MAT a hdf1::LEU2 mre11::LEU2 This study
 LSY737 MAT a hdf1::LEU2 mre11-H125N This study
 YDS371 MAT a leu2 trp1 ura3-52 prb1-1122 pep4-3 prc1-407 GAL + D. Shore
  • a SK-1 derivatives have the genotypeura3 leu2::hisG trp1::hisG lys2 ho::LYS2 and W303 derivatives have the genotypeleu2-3,112 trp1-1 can1-100 ura3-1 ade2-1 his3-11,15; differences from these genotypes are listed in the table.