Table 7.

Distribution of the allele carrying the two polymorphisms observed in XP4BE cells in the coding region of the gene for the catalytic subunit of pol δ

Geno-typeaXP variant skin fibro-blastsTumor-derived cell line(s)Normal cells
+/−XP4BE2 osteosarcomas4 foreskin-derived fibroblast lines
XP1KA3 neurofibrosarcomasLymphoblastoid immortal line
−/−HFXPAdenocarcinoma (HeLa)
+/+XP115LO6 neurofibrosarcomas16 foreskin-derived fibroblast lines
XP5KA4 fibrosarcomas3 skin biopsy fibroblast cell lines
XP6KA2 adenocarcinomasLymphoblastoid immortal line
XP7TACNephroblastoma, Wilms’ tumor
  • a +/+, two wild-type alleles; +/−, one allele with G · C→A · T transitions at positions 375 and 409; −/−, polymorphisms on both alleles. Homozygosity cannot be distinguished from hemizygosity.