Functions of gene products upregulated by MIST1 transfection

Gene productPotential function(s)/characterizationAuthors (reference[s])
Products of genes that directly regulate vesicular formation and transport
    RAB3DRegulates vesicular docking and fusion during regulated exocytosisMillar et al. (38)
    RAB26Involved in regulated vesicular secretionYoshie et al. (67), Wagner et al. (64), Nashida et al. (40)
Factors that are secreted or associate with specialized membrane compartments
    ACP2 (acid phosphatase 2, lysosomal)Regulates lysosomal function; its deficiency causes abnormal lysosomal storage and inclusionsSaftig et al. (53), Mannan et al. (36)
    SLC31A2 (solute carrier family 31 [copper transporters], member 2)Cellular copper uptakeZhou and Gitschier (70)
    SERPINI1 (serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade I [neuroserpin], member 1)Secreted protein; mutations associate with two families with FENIB, an autosomal dominant form of dementiaStoeckli et al. (60), Davis et al. (11, 12)
    DISP1 (dispatched homolog 1)Multitransmembrane protein, hedgehog transporterMa et al. (35), Cohen (8)
Other products of genes that may potentially regulate vesicular transportation and cellular architecture
    CCPG1 (cell cycle progression gene 1)Novel scaffolding protein that regulates guanine nucleotide factor Dbs and promotes CDC42 activation by DbsKostenko et al. (31)
    FNDC3A (fibronectin type III domain-containing 3A)Cell adhesion and migrationObholz et al. (41), Shan et al. (57)
    AQP3 (aquaporin 3)Water channel in many cell typesInase et al. (23)
    ARRDC3 (arresting domain-containing 3)Associated with the plasma membrane, endosomes, and lysosomes during endocytosis; plays a regulatory role in cell proliferationOka et al. (43)
    FIGN (fidgetin)One of the “meiotic” or subfamily-7 group of AAA proteins; AAA proteins are molecular chaperones involved in a variety of activities like proteolysis, peroxisome biogenesis, membrane fusion, endosome sorting, and meiotic spindle formationPatel and Latterich (47), Cox et al. (9)
Signaling molecules
    TIFA (TRAF-interacting protein with forkhead-associated domain)Associates with TRAF and regulates tumor necrosis factor receptor signalingEa et al. (14), Kanamori et al. (27), Takatsuna et al. (61)
    MAP2K5 (mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 5)Interacts with MAPK7; MAP2K5/MAPK7 protein cascade is a novel signaling pathwayZhou et al. (71)
Products of genes whose molecular function is unclear
    BRP44L (brain protein 44-like)UnknownJiang et al. (25)
    MGC13057 (chromosome 2 open reading frame 88)Unknown
    FAM63A (family with sequence similarity 63, member A)Unknown