Strains used in this study

StrainGenotypeSource or reference
1783aMATa leu2-3,112 ura3-52 trp1-1 his4 can1r35
M-1907bMATacdc12-6/cdc12-6 ura3-52/ura3-52 lys2-801/lys2-801 leu21/leu21 his3200/his3200 trp163/trp163This study
KLY1546cMATa his3-11,15 leu2-3,112 trp1-1 ura3Laboratory stock
KLY1548cMATα his3-11,15 leu2-3,112 trp1-1 ura3Laboratory stock
KLY1415dKLY1548 cdc3-6This study
KLY1798dKLY1546 cdc10-1This study
KLY1419dKLY1546 cdc11-6This study
KLY1422dKLY1548 cdc12-6This study
KLY3937KLY1546 sep7Δ::His3MX6See text
KLY13501783 LEU2:YFP-CDC10See text
KLY19401783 bni5Δ::KanMX6See text
KLY18311783 bni5Δ::KanMX6 LEU2:YFP-CDC10See text
KLY2177KLY1548 cdc3-6 bni5Δ::KanMX6See text
KLY1803KLY1546 cdc10-1 bni5Δ::KanMX6See text
KLY2174KLY1546 cdc11-6 bni5Δ::KanMX6See text
KLY2010KLY1548 cdc12-6 bni5Δ::KanMX6See text
KLY3941KLY1546 sep7Δ::His3MX6 bni5Δ::KanMX6See text
KLY2214KLY1546 cdc12-6 LEU2:YFP-CDC10See text
KLY2216KLY1546 cdc12-6 bni5Δ::KanMX6 LEU2:YFP-CDC10See text
KLY30221783 hof1Δ::His3MX6 + pKL1754See text
SKY21151783 hof1Δ::His3MX6 bni5Δ::KanMX6 + pKL1754See text
KLY1737KLY1546 BNI5-GFP2::KanMX6See text
RLY292eMATa ura3-52 his3200 leu2-3,112 lys2-801 cyk2Δ::HIS336
RLY332eMATa ura3-52 his3200 leu2-3,112 lys2-801 bar1Δ myo1Δ::HIS336
KLY1715KLY1546 cdc10Δ::KanMX6See text
KLY1718KLY1546 cdc11Δ::KanMX6 + YCp111-GST/CDC11See text
KLY3404KLY1718 URA3:pRS306 + pKL1900See text
KLY3405KLY1718 URA3:CDC11-HA3 (1-415) + pKL1900See text
KLY3406KLY1718 URA3:cdc11-HA3 (1-385) + pKL1900See text
KLY3410KLY1718 URA3:cdc11-HA3 (31-385) + pKL1900See text
KLY3411KLY1718 URA3:cdc11-HA3 (1-200) + pKL1900See text
KLY3412KLY1718 URA3:pRS306 + pKL1901See text
KLY3413KLY1718 URA3:CDC11-HA3 (1-415) + pKL1901See text
KLY3414KLY1718 URA3:cdc11-HA3 (1-385) + pKL1901See text
KLY3418KLY1718 URA3:cdc11-HA3 (31-385) + pKL1901See text
KLY3419KLY1718 URA3:cdc11-HA3 (1-200) + pKL1901See text
SKY1601KLY1546 CDC3-TEV-myc9::KanMX6See text
SKY1824KLY1546 CDC3-TEV-myc9::KanMX6 URA3:CDC11-HA3See text
SKY1825KLY1546 CDC3-TEV-myc9::KanMX6 URA3:cdc11-HA3 (1-385)See text
  • a Strain 1783 is a derivative of EG123 (49).

  • b Derived by backcrossing the cdc12-6 allele (1) repeatedly into the YEF473 (5) background.

  • c W303-1A genetic background.

  • d Derived by backcrossing the indicated cdc alleles (1, 29) into the KLY1546/KLY1548 background.

  • e S288C genetic background.