Mutation analysis of HSV-tk gene as measured by GCV resistancea

Cell lineNo preselectionbNo. of GCV-resistant clones with:
With Akt inductioncWithout Akt inductiond
1 (expt 1)012080
2 (expt 2)3137240
  • a Clonal cell lines of Ratla pBPSTR-1 MyrAkt expressing HSV-tk were examined for the number of GCV-resistant clones out of 5 × 106 cells. Two independent clonal cell lines were examined. Results of two independent experiments with cell line 1 and one experiment with cell line 2 are shown.

  • b Cells with no prior 6-TG treatment. GCV selection done in an Akt ON state.

  • c Cells passed through 6-TG selection and GCV selection, both with induction.

  • d Cells passed through 6-TG selection in an Akt ON state but selected on GCV without Akt induction.