Table 1.

S. cerevisiae strains

MCY829 MATα ura3 his3 lys2
MCY2692 MATα snf1-K84R ura3 his3 leu2
MCY3278 MATα reg1Δ::URA3 ura3 his3 leu2qΔ1 trp1qΔ63
MCY3541 MATα hxk2Δ::URA3 his3 lys2
MCY3573 MAT a snf1-K84R mig1qΔ2::LEU2 ura3 his3
MCY3640 MAT a mig1qΔ2::LEU2 ura3 his3 leu2
MCY3912 MAT a ura3 his3 lys2 leu2 ade2 trp1
FY250b MATα ura3 his3 leu2qΔ1 trp1qΔ63
YM4738c MAT a mig1qΔ::ura3::LYS2 mig2qΔ1::HIS3 ura3 his3 lys2 ade2 trp1-901 met? can? gal80 LEU2::GAL1-lacZ gal4::GAL4-CAT-TRP1
CTY10-5dd MAT a gal4 gal80 URA3::lexAop-lacZ his3 leu2 ade2 trp1-901
  • a All MCY strains have the S288C genetic background and carry SUC2. Alleles are ura3-52,his3-Δ200, lys2-801, ade2-101,leu2-3,112, and trp1-Δ1 except where noted.

  • b Obtained from F. Winston; S288C genetic background.

  • c Obtained from M. Johnston; S288C genetic background.

  • d Gift of R. Sternglanz (SUNY, Stonybrook, N.Y.).