Table 4.

Properties of other sequenced Tf2 elements from strain 972: DNA sequence analysis and comparison to Tf2-1

CosmidNucleotide coordinatesLength (nucleotides)% Nucleotide identity to Tf2-1ORF lengtha% Amino acid identity to Tf2-1TSD
SPAC8E426021–308864,866b 981,33399.4No (5′GTAGC, 3′CTTTC)
SPCC102012250–171654,9161001,333100.0Yes (CTTAA)
SPAC26A327042–319564,91599.91,33399.9Yes (CTTAA)
SPAC19D5318–52334,91699.81,33399.8Unknown; appears to be part of a one-LTR tandem array
SPAC27E221407–263224,9161001,333100.0Yes (TTTTA)
SPBC1E88941–138554,91599c NAd Yes (TATAA)
  • a Amino acid residues.

  • b 5′ LTR, 298 bp; internal deletions in LTR.

  • c C deleted at nucleotide 2601 (Tf2-1 position)—generates a frameshift; with C the ORF encodes 1,333 amino acids.

  • d NA, not applicable.