Table 5.

Properties of other sequenced Tf2 elements from strain 972: amino acid differences among Tf2 elements with full-length ORFs

Tf2-1 residueDomainTf1 residueAltered residue (other Tf2 copy or copies)
T 114CAM 106P (SPAC8E4)
P 206CAT 203L (SPAC26A3)
S 215CAN 212F (SPAC8E4)
S 217CAF 214P (SPAC8E4)
A 274PRA 271T (SPAC8E4)a
T 540RTT 537I (SPAC19, SPAC8E4)
A 556RTA 553V (SPAC19, SPAC8E4)
D 567RTD 567N (SPAC19, SPAC8E4)b
  • a DTGA→DTAT mutant; DTA is the PR catalytic triad.

  • b Alters RT active site (YXDD to YXDN).