Table 1.

Yeast strains and plasmids used in this study

StrainaPlasmidbConstructSource or referenceNotes
SZP20-1pHL416-38Tf2This study
SZP57-1pEH143-1Tf2-neo This study neo in reverse orientation to Tf2
SZP59-1pEH145-1Tf2GagFS-neo This study neo in reverse orientation to Tf2
SZP64-1pFL20c 34 Same strain as YHL1032
SZP66-1pHL414-2Tf1-neo 34 Same strain as YHL1089
SZP67-1pHL415Tf1PRFS (SacI fill-in)-neo 34 Same strain as YHL1091
SZP68-1pHL431-25Tf1INFS (BspHI fill-in)-neo This study
SZP73-1pEH546-4Tf2INFS (BsrGI fill-in)-neo This study
  • a YHL912 is the parent strain of the other strains listed.

  • b Except for pFL20, all plasmids areURA3 based with constructs fused to the nmtpromoter.

  • c See reference 37a. pFL20 is the URA3 ars1-1 vector on which all other constructs were based.