Table 3.

β-Galactosidase activity in testes of transgenic mice

Group and transgenic lineaCopy no.β-Galactosidase activity (U min−1 mg of protein−1)b
 β4GalT[−793/−707]LacZ-3202556,000 (3)
 β4GalT[−793/−707]LacZ-33045,500 (3)
 β4GalT[−793/−707]LacZ-3375568,000 (3)
 β4GalT[−793/−707]LacZ-33964161,000 (2)
 β4GalT[−793/−707]LacZ-349216,700 (2)
 β4GalT[mut−756/−743]LacZ-369254,200 (2)
 β4GalT[mut−756/−743]LacZ-37484,000 (3)
 β4GalT[mut−756/−743]LacZ-37720400 (2)
 β4GalT[mut−756/−743]LacZ-37882,400 (1)
 β4GalT[mut−756/−743]LacZ-38033,300 (3)
 β4GalT[mut−756/−743]LacZ-2211722,600 (2)
 β4GalT[mut−756/−743]LacZ-222651,400 (3)
  • a The terminal number denotes the individual founder.

  • b The number in parentheses is the number of F1 and/or F2 mice analyzed. Except for that in testis tissue, the β-galactosidase enzymatic activity in all of the tissues analyzed was comparable to the background level in nontransgenic mice.