Table 2.

t1/2 of mRNA in strains of various genotypes at 37°Ca

Genotypet1/2 of mRNA (min)
RPL3c 9.09.511
RPL8 8.57.520
RPS6 9.08.020
RPS28c 8.58.020
RPL30 7.57.020
GAL1-L30d 5.5
GAL1-L30d (23°C) 11
GAL1d 3.0>20
GAL10d 2.5>20
ACT1 23e 40
RPL30-ACT1 1634
  • a The data are the averages of at least two but in most cases four experiments. They are reproducible within about ±10% except for the very short t1/2mRNAs, for which the determinations are sensitive to small variations in the way the experiment is carried out. These are reproducible to about ±1 min.

  • b t1/2 in the first 30 min following a shift from 23 to 37°C (see the text).

  • c These promoters have Abf1p-binding sites (see the text).

  • d After shifting from YPGal to YPD (4% dextrose).

  • e From reference 14, carried out at 30°C; it would be shorter at 37°C.