Table 2.

Identities of cwf proteins

cwf proteinPredicted molecular size (kDa)S. cerevisiaeorthologPutative orthologs of described function in other speciesProtein motifs
prp5p/cwf1p52.4YPL151c A. thaliana PRL1 (Q42384); Homo sapiens(AF044333)WD/40, beta transducin
cwf4p80.8Syf3p-YLR117c D. melanogaster crn (AL009171)TPR
cwf6p/prp15p274.5Prp8p-P33334 H. sapiens(2463577)
cwf8p54.2b Prp19p-P32523
cwf9p13.1SMD2-YLR275w H. sapiens SM D (P43330)
cwf10p111.2Snu114p-YKL173w Mus musculus U5-116 (2105430)GTP binding
  • a Molecular size is based on predicted open reading frames and may not be equivalent to the full-length protein in vivo (Fig. 4).

  • b Polypeptide isolated in purification represents a truncated form of the full-length protein (Fig. 4).

  • c RRM, RNA recognition motif.