Table 1.

Contribution of distal Cbfa sites A and B to promoter activity

Cbfa site(s)P values for activity tested against all groups in:
Transient assaysStable cell lines
C NSa 0.0001
Interaction betweenb:
 A and B0.00130.0001
 A and CNS0.0062
 B and CNSNS
 A, B, and C0.00010.0001
  • a NS, not significant (i.e., >0.05).

  • b The interactions between the indicated sites were tested for significance. When sites A and B or A, B, and C are present together in transient assays or stable cells and sites A and C are present together in a genomic context, the presence of the other site(s) influences the contribution to transcriptional activity of the promoter.