Table 1.

Transforming activity of Vav family proteinsa

PlasmidDescriptionAmount (ng/10-cm plate)Foci
pNM81Wild-type Vav-31,0000
pNM79Vav-3 (Δ1–144)1,0000
pNM80Vav-3 (Δ1–184)1,0000
AatII-pNM81Linearized plasmid1,0000
AatII-pNM80Linearized plasmid1,0000
pJC11Wild-type Vav5000
pKES12Vav (Δ1–187)100TMTCb
pXRB138Wild-type Vav-25000
pXRB141Vav-2 (Δ1–183)300TMTC
pXEM-LckY505F LckY505F 8000
pNM81 + pXEM-LckY505F Wild-type Vav-3+ LckY505F 500 + 8000
pJC11 + pXEM-LckY505F Wild-type Vav+ LckY505F 500 + 800203
pXRB139 + pXEM-LckY505F Wild-type Vav-2+ LckY505F 500 + 8001,344
  • a Transforming activity was determined using focus formation assays. For plasmid linearization, DNAs were digested with AatII (present in the plasmid backbone), extracted with phenol/chloroform, precipitated thrice with ethanol, and resuspended in sterile water.

  • b TMTC, too many to count.