Table 4.

Catalog of 5′ and 3′ splice sites and branch point sequences of ewg intronsa

SiteSequenceIntron size
5′ splice site3′ splice site
Long-intron consensusMAGgtragtatttyyytyytncagRT81–5,392 bp
Short-intron consensusAGgtragtwtttttyyyytncagRT51–80 bp   
In1CAGgtgcgtgtttttccgaacagTT∼4.5 kb
In2CAGgtgggtggtctccctcttcagAT77 bp
In3aAATgtaagtaaatcatcatcacagCA (8/16)299 bp
In3cGATgttcgta (4/10)actttaatacacagTA (8/16)807 bp
In3bAATgtaagtaactttaatacacagTA1,568 bp
In3b-1AATgtaagtagtgttctgttgcagCT1,306 bp
In3b/c-2CATgtaaatacactttaatacacagTA188 bp
In3c-1GATgttcgtagtgttctgttgcagCT545 bp
In4ACCgtaagtaaacttctttttcagCT62 bp
In5AAGgtatttactcgcattttttagGA (7/16)80 bp
In6CAGgtagata (5/10)ttatctcctgaaagGT1,722 bp
In6aCAGgtagatatttcttttaaccagAT1,620 bp
In6bTCTgtaaagattatctcctgaaagGT64 bp
  • a Consensus sites as defined by Mount et al. (26); the numbers in parentheses indicate the number of nucleotides that diverge from consensus out of the total number of nucleotides assessed for weak splice sites. Criteria defined by Mount et al. (26) were used to determine highly divergent splice sites, i.e., splice sites that have at least 40% of the nucleotides that occur at a frequency less than 20% or nearly 50% of the nucleotides that occur at a frequency less than 30%. Upper- and lowercase letters represent exon and intron sequences, respectively.