Table 3.

hTR transcription rate, half-life, and steady-state levela

Cell typeTelomerase presentRelative half-lifebRelative transcription ratecExpected relative steady-state hTR leveldActual relative steady-state hTR levele
BJ1.01.0 ± 01.01.0
BJ hTERT+1.61.3 ±
IMR901.50.60 ±
IMR90 T-Ag+1.14.2 ±
H1299+7.25.7 ± 0.44116
  • a For all these categories, the levels in BJ cells are taken as 1.

  • b Results from Fig. 5.

  • c Results from three independent transcription runoff experiments.

  • d Estimated based on half-life and transcription rate determinations.

  • e Results from Northern hybridization, RNase protection assay, and quantitative RT-PCR results in Table 2.