Table 1.

Yeast strains used in this work

StrainaRelevant genotypeReference
JA-100 MAT a PPZ1 SIT4 HAL3 BEM2 8
JA-300 MATα PPZ1 SIT4 HAL3 BEM2 This work
JA-101 MAT a ppz1::URA3 8
JA-103 MAT a ppz2::TRP1 8
JA-104 MAT a hal3::LEU2 8
JA-110 MAT a sit4::TRP1 This work
JA-111 MATα sit4::TRP1 This work
JA-112 MAT a ppz1::URA3 sit4::TRP1 This work
JA-113 MAT a ppz2::TRP1 sit4::kanMX4 This work
JA-114 MATα ppz1::URA3 sit4::TRP1 This work
JA-115 MAT a ppz1::URA3 hal3::LEU2 This work
JA-120 MAT a/MATα PPZ1/ppz1::URA3 SIT4/sit4::TRP1 HAL3/hal3::LEU2 This work
JA-121 MAT a /MATα PPZ1/ppz1::URA3 SIT4/sit4::TRP1 HAL3/hal3::LEU2 BEM2/bem2::kanMX4 This work
JA-130 MATα bem2::kanMX4 This work
JA-131 MATα ppz1::URA3 bem2::kanMX4 This work
JA-140 MAT a sit4::TRP1 bem2::kanMX4 This work
JA-150 MATα hal3::LEU2 bem2::kanMX4 This work
JA-151 MATα ppz1::URA3 sit4::TRP1 bem2::kanMX4 This work
JA-152 MAT a ppz1::URA3 hal3::LEU2 bem2::kanMX4 This work
JA-153 MAT a ppz1::URA3 sit4::TRP1 hal3::LEU2 bem2::kanMX4 This work
JA-170 MAT a bck2::TRP1 This work
JA-171 MAT a bck2::TRP1 hal3::LEU2 This work
CML211 MAT a cln3:LEU2 This work
JA-190 MAT a /MATα PPZ1/ppz1::URA3 SIT4/sit4::TRP1 CLN3/cln3::LEU2 This work
JA-195 MAT a ppz1::URA3 sit4::TRP1 cln3::LEU2 This work
JA-500 MAT a /MATα PPZ1/ppz1::URA3 SIT4/sit4::TRP1 HAL3/hal3::LEU2 This work
  • a All strains except of JA-500 derive from strain 1788 (diploid, homozygous for ura3-52 leu2-3,112 trp1-1 his4 can-1′). Strain JA-170 was obtained by tetrad analysis of the diploid strain DL763 (21), which has also a 1788 background. Strain JA-500 is a W303 derivative (diploid, homozygous forura3-1 leu2-3,112 trp1Δ2 his3-11, 15 ade2-1 can1-100 ssd1-d2).