Table 2.

Effect of the rfc2-1 mutation on spontaneous mutation and mitotic recombination rates

StrainRelevant genotypeaScored eventFrequencybrfc2-1/ RFC2
YVN12 rfc2Δ [YCpRFC2]Forward mutations in CAN1locus3.45 × 10−6 1.6
YVN13 rfc2Δ[YCprfc2-1]5.48 × 10−6
YVN23 rfc2Δ/rfc2Δ [YCpRFC2]Gene conversion events in the HIS4 locus0.60 × 10−4 4.1
YVN22 rfc2Δ/rfc2Δ [YCprfc2-1]2.46 × 10−4
  • a The rest of the genotypes are listed in Table 1.

  • b Frequencies were measured at 25°C. Nine independent clones were analyzed for each strain. Only median values of the frequencies are presented.