Table 4.

Growth of double mutants on 5-FOA medium at different temperatures

StrainaGrowth at indicated temperature (°C)
rfc2-1 ++
cdc44-1 ++
cdc44-1 rfc2-1
rfc5-1 +++
rfc5-1 rfc2-1
pol1-17 +++
pol1-17 rfc2-1 ++
pol2-11 ++
pol2-11 rfc2-1 +
cdc2-2 +++
cdc2-2 rfc2-1 +
  • a The strains that were used in this experiment are YVN11 (rfc2Δ::LEU2[YEpRFC2]), 7C-YVN16 (cdc44-1 rfc2Δ::LEU2 [YEpRFC2]), 12C-YVN30 (pol1-17 rfc2Δ::LEU2[YEpRFC2]), 6B-YVN31 (rfc5-1rfc2Δ::LEU2 [YEpRFC2]), 3C-YVN27 (pol2-11 rfc2Δ::LEU2[YEpRFC2]), and 1B-YVN28 (cdc2-2 rfc2Δ::LEU2 [YEpRFC2]).