Table 2.

Nrd1 function is independent of Pka1 and Cig2a

Mutant% Suppressionbafter transformation with:
pat1-114 <0.04146139
pat1-114 Δnrd1 <0.0797237
pat1-114 Δcig2 <0.06510655
pat1-114 Δpka1 0.4170.853
  • a The pat1-114,pat1-114 Δnrd1, pat1-114Δcyc17, or pat1-114 Δpka1 mutant cells were transformed with the indicated plasmids and selected at the minimum restriction temperatures for each strain: 32.5°C forpat1-114, 32.2°C for pat1-114Δnrd1, 31.8°C for pat1-114Δcyc17, and 29.5°C for pat1-114Δpka1.

  • b The percent suppression was calculated by dividing the number of colonies formed at each restriction temperature by the number of colonies formed at 23°C.