Table 2.

Interaction of Gsy2 and Pcl10 in the yeast two-hybrid systema

Plasmidβ-Galactosidase activity (Miller unitsb)Fold increasec
pAD-GLG2 0.2039.5198
pAD-PCL10 0.632.94.6
  • a Yeast strains transformed with a plasmid expressing a GSY2 fusion to the Gal4 DNA binding domain (pGSY2) or the Gal4 DNA binding domain alone (pAS1) were mated with strains transformed with Gal4 AD constructs (pAD) to allow coexpression of plasmid-encoded fusion proteins. pAD, AD alone; pAD-GLG2, positive control expressing an AD fusion to the 48 COOH-terminal residues of Glg2, which are known to interact with Gsy2; pAD-PCL10 (PIP7.2 in reference 47), expresses an AD fusion to all but the NH2-terminal 27 residues of the Pcl10 protein. Data are averages of two (for pAD and pAD-GLG2) or four (for pAD-PCL10) independent transformants.

  • b As defined by Platt et al. (59).

  • c Relative to the pAS1 control.