Table 1.

Sequences and Stat binding properties of the C/EBPδ APRE and several known SBEs

GeneSBEaBinding to:Reference(s)
Murine C/EBPδ TCG TT CCC AGCAGCA +This study
Rat C/EBPβ TGT TT CCC AGAAGTT ++This study
Rat α2-m GAATT CCC AGAA GGA ++ 17,27
Human hemopexin TTT TT CCC GGCA GGA NDND 22
Rat α1-acid glycoprotein TTT TT CCC AGAA GCC NDND 49
Human haptoglobin CTT TT CCA GTAACAA NDND 32
Human γ-fibrinogen TTC TT CCA GTAC ATG ND+ 51
Human α1-antichymotrypsin CTA TT ACA G A AAA TT NDND 4
Human C-reactive protein CTC TT CCC G A AGCTC ND+ 50
Murine junB CGCTT CCT G A CAGTG + 12
Human c-fos CAGTT CCC GTCAA TC ++ 8
Human ICAM-1 GCT TT CCC GGAAA CC ++ 7, 28
  • a SBEs from a number of cytokine-inducible genes are shown in alignment with the C/EBPδ APRE. The sequences were aligned through the core palindromic TT-AA motif (boldface). In cases where there is more than one possibility for the -AA motif, the alternative bases are boldface and underlined.

  • b Binding (+) or lack of binding (−) of each SBE to Stat1 and Stat3, as determined by use of specific antibodies in supershift assays. ND, not determined.