Table 3.

Suppression analysis of MOB1 and DBF2

GenotypeSuppression with plasmida:
mob1-77b ++++
dbf2c ++++
  • a Growth was monitored on yeast extract-peptone agar plates supplemented with 2% each galactose and raffinose and incubated at 37°C and on the same plates additionally supplemented with 8 mM caffeine but incubated at 30°C. B42-MOB1 refers to MOB1(9–314), although B42-MOB1(79–314) complemented as well. Similar results were obtained for a mob1-95 allele or for a dbf2 temperature-sensitive allele. +, suppression evident; −, no suppression evident.

  • b Strain 1300-1a.

  • c Strain 991-1-1b.