Table 5.

Transactivation effects of LexA-MOB1 variants

LexA fusionaβ-Gal (U/mg)b
LexA–MOB1-55 (T85P, Q167R, Y183H)100
LexA–MOB1-77 (E151K)440
LexA–MOB1-95 (L157P, A158I)36
  • a Assays were conducted as described in Table 2. All LexA-MOB1 fusions were expressed to comparable levels as determined by Western analysis (data not shown). LexA-MOB1 fusions contain residues 79 to 314 of MOB1 and were expressed in EGY188 containing the p34 reporter.

  • b β-Galactosidase (β-Gal) activities represent the average of the determinations for at least three transformants. The standard error of the mean was less than 10% in each case except for LexA–MOB1-95, in which it was 21%.