Table 3.

Effect of srb10Δ on repression ofUASLEU2-HIS3-lacZby LexA87-Ssn6a

ProteinGenotypeβ-Gal activitybFold repression
srb10Δ 3302321.4
srb10Δ 4362531.7
  • a Isogenic strains MCY3912 (wild type [WT]) and MCY3668 (srb10Δ) were cotransformed with plasmid pBTM116 or pCK23 (21) expressing LexA and LexA87-Ssn6, respectively, andUASLEU2-HIS3-lacZ reporter plasmids with no or one LexA operator 5′ to UASLEU2 (Fig. 1).

  • b β-Galactosidase (β-Gal) activity was assayed in permeabilized cells. Values are averages for three to five independent transformants. Standard errors were <17%.