Table 5.

Effects of ctk1Δ and srb10Δ onGAL1-lacZ expressiona

Relevant genotypeβ-Gal activitybFold induction defect
Wild type2,2101.0
srb10Δ 8712.5
ctk1Δ 2758.0
srb10Δ ctk1Δ 12218
  • a Strains carrying an integratedGAL1-lacZ fusion gene were derived from the cross of MCY3667 (srb10Δ ctk1Δ) with MCY3659 (wild type), which had been transformed with plasmid pRY171 (64). Cells were grown in rich medium with 2% galactose (inducing conditions).

  • b β-Galactosidase (β-Gal) activity was assayed in permeabilized cells. Values are averages for at least three segregants of each genotype. Standard errors were <15%.