Table 1.

Purification of Abp2

FractionVol (ml)Amt of protein (mg)Total (U)aSp act (mU/mg)
Whole-cell extract1,4008,100330,0000.041
First MMACS-agarose12.51.423,60016.9
Second MMACS-agarose2.80.136,00046.2
Mono Q HR 5/50.40.0314,400142
Glycerol gradientb 0.450.005c 1,510302
  • a One unit was defined as the amount of protein required to convert 50% of the substrate (MMACS tetramer) to complexes in the standard gel mobility shift assay described in Materials and Methods.

  • b In this step, one-third of the Mono Q HR 5/5 fraction was used; the results presented were calculated assuming that the entire fraction was used.

  • c Estimated by silver staining.