Table 4.

Effects of srb10Δ, srb11Δ, andctk1Δ on repression of CYC1-lacZby LexA-Mig1a

ProteinGenotypeβ-Gal activityFold repression
−LexAop+1 LexAop+4 LexAop1op4op
Expt Ab
 LexA87 WT7678ND1.0ND
srb11Δ 199148ND1.3ND
srb11Δ 12421ND5.9ND
Expt Bc
srb10Δ 10574731.41.4
srb10Δ 8635212.54.1
Expt Cd
 LexA87 WT7751461.51.7
ctk1Δ 10672581.51.8
ctk1Δ 14426145.510
  • a Pairs of isogenic strains were cotransformed with plasmids expressing fusion proteins andCYC1-lacZ reporter plasmids carrying zero, one, or four LexA operators 5′ to the UAS (Fig. 1). Fold repression for both one-operator (1op) and four-operator (4op) reporters is relative to the operator-less reporter. ND, not determined.

  • b The strains were MCY3647 and MCY3644, and the plasmids were pSH2-1 or pLexA-Mig1. β-Galactosidase (β-Gal) activity was assayed in permeabilized cells. Values are averages for three independent transformants. Standard errors were <20%.

  • c The strains were MCY3661 and MCY3662, and the plasmids were pBTM116 and pSK101. β-Galactosidase activity was assayed in protein extracts. Values are averages for five transformants. Standard errors were <12%.

  • d Same as described for experiment B, except that the strains were MCY3661 and MCY3664 and the plasmids were pSH2-1 or pLexA-Mig1. Standard errors were <14%.