Table 1.

Frequency and extent of ventralization by dorsal injection of Axil mRNAa

mRNA and regionNo. (%) of embryos with phenotypeNo. (%) of deadNo. of specimens% Ventralized embryosAvg DAI
 Dorsal blastomere4 (9.3)11 (25.6)21 (48.8)7 (16.3)4374.41.9
 Ventral blastomere27 (90)02 (6.7)1 (3.3)306.74.7
Xglobin: dorsal blastomere48 (90.6)4 (7.5)01 (1.9)537.54.7
  • a All mRNAs were injected into the subequatorial region of two dorsal or ventral blastomeres of four-cell embryos. The Dorso-Anterior Index (DAI) is a measure of axial development, where 5 is normal and 0 is completely ventralized (15).