Table 1.

Induction of anchorage-independent growth by H-Ras and various H-Ras effector loop mutants

Vector(s)Colony-forming efficiency (%)a
NIH 3T3Rat 6
neo 00
12V,35S0b 0b
12V,37G0b 0b
12V,40C0b 0b
12V,35S + 12V,37G1.91.7
12V,35S + 12V,40C1.40b
12V,37G + 12V,40C0.60.5
  • a A total of 10,000 cells were seeded into 0.3% agar. Macroscopic colonies were scored after 2 weeks of growth. Values represent averages of duplicate determinations that differed by less than 5%. The experiment was repeated at least twice for each transfection; data from several experiments are normalized to a single value from the 12V transfectant; the range for 12V over numerous experiments was from 1 to 5%.

  • b While no macroscopic colonies were formed, microscopic colonies of 8 to 12 cells were formed with an efficiency of ∼1.5% (see text for details).