Table 1.

Functional complementation of the pas1-2mutant as indicated by a segregation analysis for thepas1 mutanta

TransformantNo. of plants with indicated phenotypebχ2c
wt Krwt Kspas1 KsTotal
  • a The segregation analysis was performed for the F2 generation of transgenic plants obtained by transformation of pas1-2 heterozygous plants with PAS1 cDNA-D. The segregation of four independent transformants heterozygous for the mutation is presented, showing a segregation ratio of 1 kanamycin-sensitive pas1 mutant to 15 heterozygous, wild-type plants.

  • b wt, wild type; Kr, kanamycin resistant; Ks, kanamycin sensitive.

  • c Calculated values were based on an expected ratio of 1 mutant plant for every 15 wild-type plants.P < 0.05.